Halloween is around the corner, and as spooky as we want it to be, there’s nothing spookier than a high energy bill, right? Well, we’re all scared of that. If you’re preparing your Halloween celebration, take a glimpse at these energy vampires that you can avoid if you only change some of your energy consumption habits.

But, do you know what an energy vampire is? And why they’re called that way? Don’t worry if you don’t. We’ll start with the definition:

Energy Vampires - Spooky season

What are energy vampires?

In a nutshell, energy vampires are those “things” that drain energy even if not in use. These can range from devices that never turn off because they go on standby mode to plugged cords that aren’t charging anything. These vampires aren’t coming after your blood, though – they’re coming after your energy bill.

For example, according to the US Energy Department, the average American home spends over $2000 on energy bills, including domestic gadgets that silently consume electricity while you’re sleeping or gone to work. Even if you unplug the device, you’re still wasting energy – up to or more than 10% – if it’s connected to an outlet.

Being aware of “energy vampires” and how much energy your appliances consume may help the environment and save you money. You can easily spot them, as energy vampires are distinguished by the presence of an external power supply, a remote control, a charged battery, and a constant display (such as a clock).

Keep an eye out for these 5 common energy vampires that are present almost in every American home:

1. Cords that remain plugged into outlets, even if they’re not in use

Every cable that remains connected to an outlet is essentially sucking electricity out. Instead of plugging everything into an outlet, try buying a powerstrip. Power strips allow you to turn on and off the power flow. This implies that you can regulate gadgets’ power consumption to not consume electricity when you’re not home.

If you have a light switch that turns power outlets on and off, you can achieve the same result with even less effort. A sophisticated power strip makes it even easier by shutting off idle devices without requiring you to take any additional steps. 

Power strips are great for stopping those energy vampires and for helping you save money. However, remember they can’t do everything by themselves. If you just buy them and never turn them off, they’ll keep draining your electricity, so be wise!

2. Electric appliances that have a standby mode

Many devices have sleep or standby modes, but they still need the energy to execute updates, connect to distant servers, and collect data. One of the reasons our gadgets leak power is due to the interconnectedness of current technologies. Even if the TV is turned off, it is still ready to receive a signal from the remote to turn on at any time. Your DVR is always “lying in wait” until it’s time to record the next program or run backstage updates.

Energy vampires come with the ultimate trade-off of convenience, with the main payout being the pressure placed on consumer devices to be up and running at a moment’s notice. Starting from the dead doesn’t provide that instant gratification.

This is notably noticeable on computers, where boot-up times on specific devices have been reduced to just seconds. That lack of patience extends to nearly every gadget or gizmo we use today, and it may explain why it’s simpler to leave the Roku or Apple TV on and idling rather than turning it off entirely

3. Your microwave and coffee machine

Your microwave and other small devices continually consumes energy to run its digital clock, and even while heating food consumes far more electricity, it is rarely used. The continuous use of energy can add up to your monthly bill making them energy vampires. Connect it to the same power strip as your coffee machine and toaster oven, and consider turning it off while not in use.

4. Air leaks combined with air conditioning or heating

Heating and cooling account for more than 50% of energy use in US homes. With this in mind, you can make some minor changes to spend less energy on them. For instance, switching to a high-efficiency system might cut air conditioning energy usage and reduce energy vampires by 20% to 50%, while frequently cleaning and replacing the cooling unit’s filters is the quickest method to save on house cooling.

Maintaining a pleasant temperature in your house by utilizing a naturally cooling breeze and remembering to switch fans off when leaving the room will help you save energy and money. Depending on your area, replacing heating and cooling equipment with more efficient ones can cut energy usage by 50% for electric heating and cooling systems and 10% for gas furnace heating systems.

Check out some other air conditioning facts that can help you save money on your monthly energy bill.

The Best Guide to Air Conditioner Tips and Maintenance

5. Devices that are still plugged in even after they’re fully charged

Another one on the list of energy vampires is those devices that you leave charging for hours. The quantity of power used by your family determines your energy costs, and ultimately, being aware of it can help you save money on your energy bills.

Every appliance has a different power output measured in watts and is frequently listed on the product description. When calculating how much you pay for using the device, kilowatt-hours are used (kWh). Although leaving a gadget plugged after it’s charged consumes less power than turning it on, the expenses can quickly add up.

How to avoid energy vampires?

There are many ways you can avoid energy vampires, check out the tips from this video of the EPA, to find out 4 easy tips to keep your bill from haunting you:

Source: EPA

So, whether you’re worried about energy vampires (another Halloween-themed name for standby power) or want to make your house more energy-efficient, we’re here to assist. Tell us if you have made some improvements lately to your place for it? Feel free to share them with us in the comment section. At Click2Power, we want to show you that electricity is a potent source that deserves our attention and respect—it goes from powering your gadgets to lighting your home. And now you can make a choice!

We also have a full article for you to understand energy deregulation and its perks in case you want to check it out. If you have any doubts, you can contact us. We will be delighted to answer all your questions. You can also follow us on our social media to keep posted on our latest tips to save energy and money!

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