You might have heard about Tesla Energy and its products, including Tesla Powerwall, Tesla Home Battery, Testa Vehicles, and Tesla technology in general. But with all of the information that becomes available and all the new technology associated with power and electricity, it is difficult to keep up and have the information explained in a simple and easy-to-understand way. We will review what Tesla energy is and how it is being used. 

First, you would have to know that Tesla is named after Nikola Tesla, a Serbian inventor that engineered the modern Alternating Current (AC) electricity supply system, that is used Today. Alternating current is how electric power is currently being delivered to homes and businesses, and to better understand, it is the form of electrical energy that consumers normally use to operate kitchen appliances, fans, televisions, and lamps, every appliance that is plugged into a wall socket is probably operating with Alternating Current. 

How does Tesla Energy work?

Tesla Energy is currently being used by Tesla, Inc. which produces energy through solar energy and is being used to power electric cars, every Tesla Power wall, and every Tesla home battery using Tesla solar panels. This technology has now become available in the market and users can access this technology in their homes.  

This is a great breakthrough in technology, mostly due to it being a renewable energy source that is environmentally friendly since solar energy does not produce greenhouse gases that affect the environment. The main difficulty that consumers face regarding Tesla Energy is that the Tesla solar panels cost to adapt a home or business to the technology is high, however, more energy suppliers are now transitioning to renewable sources of energy that become available for consumers to purchase in the deregulated energy market.  

If you want to change to renewable energy sources, but still do not count with the amount of money to adapt your entire home, you can find an electricity plan in which you select an electricity provider that sells consumers clean energy that does not produce CO2 emissions. 

What is Tesla Powerwall?

A Tesla Powerwall is a home battery system that is rechargeable and has been designed to create maximized Tesla energy independence for a home or business with a minimum carbon footprint. The use of this technology means potential savings on your electricity bills as well, we still know that Tesla power wall costs are high, for which we have created these 5 Energy Saver Tips to Protect your Pocket. 

How does a Tesla Powerwall work?

Solar Energy

With a Tesla Power wall, users can store Tesla energy to use when needed, working with solar power providing financial benefits and key security. Powerwall systems are equipped with energy metering, monitoring, and smart controls for customization using an app. The system is designed to enhance and add features according to how Tesla energy is being used.  

With the Powerwall, users can monitor solar production accurately as well as energy consumption, which allows real-time insights into how electricity is being used at homeEven though Tesla Power wall Costs are high. 

Using Solar

Once the sun rises, solar starts to power the home or business. Once the battery is exhausted and additional power is required, the home can receive energy from the utility grid. The Powerwall charges with solar panels during the daytime, if the home uses less energy than is being produced, the Powerwall stores energy and it is available for whenever the home needs it, this includes nighttime when the panels are not producing energy, and when the user experiences a power outage on the utility grid. 

Without Solar

The Tesla Power wall can be set to charge in specific time frames during the day and distribute energy to the home when there is a power outage or whenever the solar panels are not producing, so seamless backup power becomes available whenever it detects grid outages, becoming the main power source. 

What are Tesla Solar Panels?

Tesla Solar Panels have three main parts: solar panels, a solar gateway, and an inverter. The Solar Panels capture the sunlight that reaches the roof to turn it into electricity. The solar inverter is connected to the solar panels and converts the electricity produced into clean energy powering lights and appliances within the home. The use of this solar energy decreases how much energy is drawn from the electric grid from the utility, helping save on energy. The solar gateway then monitors the system’s information through an app allowing it to measure how much energy is being produced. 

What if Solar Energy production is higher than what is used?

On sunny days, the power being generated on the roof flows into the electric panel. Since it is not used completely, the electric meter will reflect as such. The electric bill will show zero usage during the time Solar Energy is being used. Meaning that during summer, it is highly likely for the home to be mainly powered by Solar Energy produced in the solar panels and the excess power will flow backward through the electric meter thanks to Alternating Current (AC), providing energy to be consumed by other houses and businesses that are connected to the same electric grid.

Are there other options with renewable resources?

The Deregulated Energy Market is very competitive, making more options available for consumers, one of the main trends in the market is towards using renewable resources of energy, meaning that you can choose an electricity provider that provides renewable electricity or partially produces it.  

Taking into account that expenses associated with installing Solar Panels, and Powerwalls are high, it may seem like upgrading to renewable resources can be costly. However, we work with electricity suppliers that produce renewable energy, feel free to enter your zip code and check if we serve your area, and we will match you with local energy suppliers that produce renewable energy as well as they are trusted and accessible. So that you don’t need to assume Tesla Power wall costs, you may transition to a different power supply that offers renewable energy. 

Want to continue being informed?

We would also like to invite you to stay updated about information and news associated with electricity and power production, start by going to our blog to find information as well as tips to smartly use energy in your home, we can also provide tips and information that can represent savings in your electricity expenses.  

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