Even though Illinois has had a deregulated market since 1997, consumers need to learn as much information as possible to make sure to exercise their power to choose. We intend to cover the most frequently asked questions about the energy industry and how to choose the right Illinois Power Company. 

The most common utility companies in Illinois are ComEd, Ameren Illinois, Mt. Carmel Public Utility, and MidAmerican Energy. Anyone in the Illinois area will be probably served by one of these depending on the zip code. You can find out which Illinois power company is available and energy rates by entering your zip code here.

What is the power to choose about?

The “power to choose” and “deregulation” are two terms that are commonly discussed when researching the energy market in Illinois. These terms are quite simple and refer to customers being able to purchase energy (electricity and gas) from any available Illinois power company in the area. This means that the consumers can decide which energy plan and company to have.  

Even though the utility company is available depending on the zip code Illinois has a deregulated market, which means that there are multiple options for electric suppliers offering different rates, energy plans, contract duration, and being able to choose between renewable and non-renewable energy sources.  

The deregulated market started in Illinois in 1997, which allowed private electric suppliers to compete in the market aiming to become the best option for consumers, forcing every Illinois power company to improve their customer service and energy plans, it also resulted in better energy rates and options for consumers, at the end the user is the one who makes the choice when looking for an Illinois Power Company. 

How to take advantage of the deregulated market?

Many states in the US have to settle for energy markets that are tightly regulated resulting in consumers not being capable of choosing an energy or gas provider, instead, they must work with the electric suppliers that serve their area. This was the case in Illinois as well until 1997 when Illinois residents were granted the power to chose. Now, if you live or have a business in the state of Illinois, that means you can choose your Illinois power company. 

To take advantage of the power to chose, what we would recommend is to first shop around, making sure to find which Illinois power company is available in your area, and then proceed to compare the rates available for each. We can help ease that process, by answering some simple questions in our form, we will provide available rates for your area.

Frequently Asked Questions

Many variables are available to be reviewed when trying to research and understand the deregulated energy market. At Click2Power provides information and resources to take advantage of the options as well as providing information on how to save on the energy billhttps://www.click2power.com/blog/5-energy-saver-tips-protect-your-pocket/. We have a blog with free articles that consumers can access anytime to be updated about information in the energy market. 

Can I change my current energy provider?

Yes, you have to first check with your current provider and see if you have an active plan or contract and if canceling has any associated cancellation fees. Once you find out, you may go to Click2Power and check available rates and plans to start the process.

How do I change my energy provider?

First, you should take your last utility bill, and fill out the form on our site. Start by entering your zip code and then answering the questions that appear, all of the information asked can be found on your bill. Once you have completed the process, you will be able to see the available rates and plans, select the rate and plan duration that better suits your needs and continue to enrollment. You can then proceed to enroll online or by calling us, we can also call you. The electricity provider that you choose will take care of the rest. 

How do I decide which plan to choose?

There are many variables in plans that can make it confusing to choose, however, you should keep in mind: how long you want the rate plan to be for if you want to have a fixed or variable rate plan if there is a deposit due with the new company and if there are associated cancellation fees.

Is there an associated deposit with the plan?

Illinois residents do not have to pay a deposit if they process the change through Click2Power, however, your credit score may be reviewed and if it is low, it could require a deposit. Make sure to ask the representative you talk to before proceeding.

What are variable-rate plans and fixed-rate plans?

We have created a post to give you the heads up and allow you to understand fixed and variable rate plans, but long story short, fixed-rate plans are plans with a rate that is set, and will not be modified for as long as the contract is active. Variable rate plans depend on market variation, so the price can vary. 

How to know if the Illinois power company sells renewable energy?

At Click2Power.com we consider it very important to take care of the environment and work on reducing our carbon footprint. The energy suppliers that we work with are both reliable and sustainable, we encourage you to select an Illinois Power Company that sells renewable energy, we make sure to offer suppliers with environmental responsibility!

Can I change my local utility company?

You will be distributed and sold energy through your local utility if you don’t select an Illinois power company. The main utility companies in Illinois are ComEd, Ameren Illinois, Mt. Carmel Public Utility, and MidAmerican Energy. The local utility company is assigned according to availability of utility companies for your area. 

How long does it take to change my Illinois Power Company supplier?

Once you’ve found the electricity plan that makes sense to you the process is fast and easy. You can enroll online, call us or let us call you, once you have confirmed that you want to change, we will continue the process and let the supplier take care of it. There are no service interruptions and the change is processed immediately, you will then receive a final bill from the previous supplier charging the service until it was changed, and the next bill will reflect the change. 

Want to stay updated about the energy industry?

We are not here to convince you to change your provided through us, we are also interested in keeping you informed so that you make informed decisions on what is best for you and your family. We recommend that you check the Illinois Power Agency (IPA) website to read about news related to the energy market. We also have our Click2Power blog specially created for users to have an outlet for updated information and make sure that you take your power to chose! Give it a read! 

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