Have you heard about energy efficiency? If you have been to our blog before, the chances are that you have. We will go through the appliances that use the most energy at home and some tips on preventing them from draining your wallet. But first, let’s go through the end-use consumption share of energy. 

Did you know that more than 60% of the energy spent on each household goes to space heating, air conditioning, and water heating? Well, on the latest Residential Energy Consumption survey made by the US Energy Information Administration, EIA, in 2015, the findings were evident. On that 20 something percent of others, you will find the most energy appliances. With this information, you can start applying energy savings taking care of your wallet and the planet. 

Source: EIA, 2015

From 1990 to 2009, RECS evaluated consumption and expenditures for four end-use categories: space heating, air conditioning, water heating, and refrigerators; the remainder was categorized as other. As some appliances that use the most energy and equipment grew increasingly common in houses, this remaining group accounted for a higher percentage of household energy consumption, particularly electricity. But,

Energy Saving: What are the systems and appliances that use the most energy at home? Let’s find out!

We don’t know about you, but the idea of living without our devices, appliances, and even fridges seems unbearable, almost impossible. Therefore, to spend less energy, we must make our homes as energy efficient as possible to avoid high electricity costs and get energy savings. 

At first, it might seem difficult to find methods to save energy and save costs, so where do we begin? It all starts with the appliances that use the most energy. Two things must be considered: how much electricity a device consumes when in use and how long it remains on.

Check out this cool video from The Atlantic to know how do we use energy at home – you can also find the appliances that use the most energy at home:

1. HVAC Systems

They’re at the top of the list of the systems and appliances that use the most energy. Why? Because they not only consume a lot of power but are usually on for several hours a day if not all day. The climate where you reside has a significant impact on how much this will cost. If you reside in a temperate zone, you will need considerably less heating and cooling than if you live in an area prone to extreme weather conditions.

If you want to reduce your AC power consumption, try the following tips:

  • Use ceiling fans according to the season: counterclockwise in the summer and clockwise in the winter.
  • Turn the thermostat to 78° F in summer and down to 65°F in winter.
  • Shade and unshaded, depending on the season.
  • Change your air filters.
  • Change your filters.

2. Water heaters

Not many people like to take a cold shower. That’s why this tops as one of the systems and appliances that use the most energy. However, this extra comfort sums up to 20% on average of the total consumption. Fortunately, we have some ideas on how to lower their energy consumption:

  • Do you have an old one? Wrap it in an insulation jacket to avoid some leak in its temperature.
  • If you leave for the holidays, make sure you turn it off.
  • Try not to use it in summer; it will keep you fresh and save you some bucks.
  • Keep it at a mild temperature; sometimes 120°F is more than enough.

3. Washer and Dryer

Appliances That Use The Most Energy - Washer and dryer

Source: Photo by Jeremy Sallee on Unsplash

This beautiful combo holds two of the appliances that use the most energy. Mainly because of some of the reasons we just saw: Water heating. To avoid that extra usage, try these following tips:

  • Take advantage of the sun; the line dries your clothes when possible.
  • Make full loads; this will save you energy and water.
  • Run it on the right setting. Buttons are there for a reason. Make sure you use them properly.

4. Fridges

Fridges are tricky because they are the top appliances that use the most energy, not because of their wattage but because they’re always plugged in. We can barely live without a fridge, but fortunately, here are some tips you can try:

  • Replace old ones with newer versions of it. Going for ENERGY STAR ® appliances is always the key.
  • Don’t overstack it.
  • Make sure you defrost it every now or then.
  • Keep it closed and at the recommended temperature.
  • Organize it efficiently.

5. TV

This is another appliance that uses the most energy, accounting for around 4% of our total energy use. Televisions and video gaming consoles, for example, may consume a substantial amount of electricity in our homes. If we watch numerous hours of television per day and play video games, we can use a lot of electricity.

Also, just as the fridges, these devices are also guilty of using standby power even when they are not in use. Follow these strategies to keep their energy consumption in check:

  • Deactivate standby mode
  • Connect it to a power strip and turn it off or unplug it whenever it’s not in use.
  • Remember to turn it off and lower screen brightness.

6. Lightning

Let’s play a game. How many lights do you have in your immediate surroundings? Many, right? People are so used to them that they do not even notice when they are turned on. Thinking about energy saving, follow these tips to lower their consumption:

  • Buy energy-efficient light bulbs.
  • Turn them off when they’re not in use.
  • LED light bulbs offer good lighting with longer usage times and less energy consumption.
  • Take advantage of natural light when possible.

7. Electric oven and stove

Although they are rarely used for extended periods every day, ovens and stoves are appliances that use the most energy at home. They consume a lot of power, so use them wisely.  

Allow for the shortest possible warm-up time for an oven and, when possible, use a toaster oven, microwave, or slow cooker. For energy saving, if you need to use it, try these tips:

  • No sneak peeks. Keep the door closed and trust the process.
  • Don’t preheat unless it’s strictly necessary.
  • Please turn it off a couple of minutes before it’s done to take advantage of the residual heat.
What are the Appliances That Use The Most Energy

Source: Photo by Kam Idris on Unsplash

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