You can do many things to get energy saving at home, so many that we won’t finish if we name them all. We gathered 9 of the most efficient ways for energy saving at home that will benefit your monthly budget and your family’s and significantly impact the environment.

Before starting, we need to clarify that energy conservation is more complicated than using less energy. But still, if we all take some small steps towards it, and if everyone does their part and saves energy at home, the impact we can have will scale. Reduced energy usage in the home entails decreasing power and water use, being wise about when and how you use energy, limiting energy loss, and selecting energy-saving equipment.

The best way to do energy saving at home is to use it wisely!

You don’t have to be a know-it-all to make better use of electricity at home; in fact, knowing the best times to use it and making some minor adjustments can be enough to help you save up to $500 or more per year. That’s a roundtrip ticket to the Bahamas if you think about it.

1. Turn off the lights

We know this is something your parents must’ve said to you millions of times before; however, this tip to get energy saving at home never gets old. But there is more than just turning off the lights. Sometimes turning them off and on each time can be counterproductive. Check out these tips from the EPA on the best moment to turn them off:

  • Knowing when to switch off lights can be financially practical depending on the bulb and the cost of power. Every lightbulb has specific hours of working life, which vary depending on how frequently they are turned on and off. The more regularly they are turned on and off, the shorter their operational life.
  • Halogen and incandescent: It’s better to turn them off whenever they’re not in use.
  • CFL: They’re already more effective; if you leave the room for more than 15 min you better turn them off; if not, there is no need as there won’t be major significant savings.
  • LED: Its life is not determined by how many times you turn them on and off. They are the most efficient ones out there, and they’re great because they instantly turn on at full brightness.

2. Fix leaky taps

Another way to save energy at home is to fix leaky hot water taps. They can use your power and cost you some losses on each bill.

3. Be smart with the AC when not at home

If you want energy saving at home, this is a must-know. This one is also related to intelligent use of energy; look at it this way:

  • If you leave for one day or more, turn off your AC.
  • If you’re only leaving for a couple of hours, don’t turn it off – adjust the temperature. It usually consumes more electricity if they’re fully on and off.

4. Recycle or donate your old electric equipment

Do you have a TV that belonged to the mom of your mom? Well, as much as we know how attached you can be to it, it’s better to let it go or use it as a vintage decoration piece. Even if you use it a couple of hours per day, it can be costing you more than you can imagine.

The same applies to desktop computers, microwaves, and so. Take a look at how pretty they can be if they serve as decoration. It is a nice decoration, and it helps to save energy at home.

5. Befriend natural light

Allow the sun to provide some of your home’s warmth! Open the blinds or curtains on south-facing windows before leaving for work, enabling the sun to warm the space while you’re gone. Remember to close them to keep the free heat in when you arrive home. Keep your drapes and blinds closed in places where your home does not receive much sunlight to keep the heat in.

You may also strategically plant trees in your yard to save money on electricity! Shadow trees may give shade in the summer but shed their leaves in the winter, enabling more sunshine to enter your home and warm it. This can help you save energy at home, as the sun will be helping to heat your place.

6. Airdry your Laundry

7. Make the ceiling fans rotate to your convenience​

Ceiling fans may help keep you cool while simultaneously keeping you warm. If you switch the direction of your ceiling fans to clockwise, warm air will be pushed back down (remember, warm air rises). It will also disperse the warm air from your heating system, preventing chilly pockets from forming in the corners of each room.

Don’t forget to turn the fans back counter-clockwise in the summer. This will draw hot air up to the ceiling and help you save energy at home. If you are still hesitating on whether or nor buying ceiling fans, check out this electricity usage calculator. Bear in mind that it can also help you reduce your HVAC usage and save energy at home.

8. Replace the filter of your HAVC

This tip is easy to forget but could save your home from using unnecessary energy. Your air filter is the access point for your HVAC system’s airflow and the place that filters your home from allergens and dirt particles. If you don’t replace your air filter, it clogs up from excess dust. This reduces airflow or increases resistance, which puts strain on your heating and cooling system and helps you save energy at home.

Check your filter once a month to ensure it’s not too dirty, or subscribe to a filter delivery service for a monthly reminder. We also have an entire article about air conditioners and how to take care of them.

9. Switch to a fixed rate electricity

This is not a tip to save energy at home but lower your energy bills. It’s simple, give us a call and find a new energy supplier that works just as great as your current one but at a lower fixed electricity rate. The great thing is that the rate won’t fluctuate during your contract period, so you can rest at ease knowing that your electricity costs are under control.

If you want to know how to choose an electric company, check out our blog posts. Instead of calling each supplier one by one, our comparison tool can uncover the cheapest electricity rates and pricing in minutes, saving you time, money, and hassle. 

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