Out of the many things one would like to do in the fall, from apple picking to doing a jack-o-lantern, everyone wants one thing: to arrive at the end of the month with a low energy bill, That0s exactly why we created this article, to give you the best fall energy-saving tips. In fact, we believe it’s safe to say that no one wants to spend their hard-earned money on energy bills, right? Well, in today’s blog, you’ll learn everything about our top fall energy-saving tips for you to reduce your consumption.

Because, at the end of the day, nobody wants to spend a considerable sum heating their houses in the fall. With the winter months approaching, it’s time to start thinking about ways to save energy around the house and reduce energy usage. It is a win-win situation since it saves you money and is better for the environment. However, many current energy-efficient products are costly, and renewable energy sources such as solar panels are sometimes out of reach for most people. That’s why we prepared this fall energy-saving tips, so let’s dive in,

1. Our Heating Based Fall Energy-Saving Tips

It’s not necessary to spend thousands and thousands to be comfy as the coldest months are swiftly approaching. These are some basic methods for staying warm while conserving electricity at home. And, did you know that most of the money we spend in energy bills goes to heating and cooling? Well, no wonder’s why this is the first of our fall energy-saving tips:

Setting your thermostat on the right temperature is one of our top fall energy-saving tips, we know it’s not that cold yet, but making some minor adjustments earlier can help you save major bucks when colder months arrive. If you want to learn more about how to set your thermostat for success, check out this video from the US Department of Energy:

2. Cut off draughts

As the days get shorter, the air is getting crisper, and the leaves are changing hues, all of which are telltale signs that winter is approaching. It also means that the heating season is approaching. But heating is not just about turning your HVAC on, we have a full set of tips for your HVAC, and you’ll know there’s much more that comes into play. One of the top fall energy-saving tips is to check for draughts and stop them.

Draughts are small currents of chilly air that leak into rooms or closed spaces. They can be an inconvenience regardless of if your home is a new one or old construction. Finding and correcting draughts are one of our top fall energy-saving tips, but we know it might be costly, depending on whether a new door, window, or filling holes in sideboards is required. However, you can purchase a draught excluder or bottom sweeps, which keep warm air from leaving and are less expensive – It is a cheap and efficient option to avoid irritating draughts.

3. Check your chimney

Fireplaces are beautiful to look a; however, they can source air leaks and our not so loved draughts. If you use a fireplace, keep the damper closed unless there is a fire going. Leaving the drag open in the winter or fall is like leaving a door open, allowing warm air to escape up the chimney. Check that the seal on your fireplace is as tight as it can be.

Another of our fall energy-saving tips is to install tempered glass doors and a heat-air exchange system that sends warmed air back into the room. Plug and seal the chimney flue if you never use your fireplace.

4. Step up your lighting game

If you’re a decorations fan, there is no need for you to wait until December. Halloween decorations are excellent choices for truly brightening up your house. The same is true for general fall and Thanksgiving décor. If you hang Halloween, seasonal, or other autumn holiday lights (such as light-up ghosts, pumpkin strands, outdoor inflatables, and other electric-drawing decorations) outside or inside your home, your power cost is sure to rise.

Even though Halloween or fall electric décor might increase your energy use, there are methods you can do to lower your total expenditures. LED light bulbs are one of our top fall energy-saving tips. Why? Because they consume less energy than incandescent lights, are more robust, and have a longer lifespan. You can make your home look spooky or pretty after Halloween without spending a fortune. 

Check out these beautifully decorated homes to get some inspiration:

5. Switch to a fixed electricity rate

Another of our fall energy-saving tips is to switch your energy supplier. With the colder months of the year coming ahead, one of the most significant ways to have some sort of stability is to fix your electricity rates. You may be used to your energy provider, but that does not imply providing you with the best rate and plan features. Now that you’re in a moment where energy prices are steady, it’s a great idea to start shopping around for your new energy rate

Deregulated energy works just like when you want some insurance estimates or when you discover the most outstanding WiFi provider. You can shop around and check some good energy marketplaces (like ours) and get a fixed energy rate that is great for you and your pocket. Check out how switching your electricity supplier can make your life easier in one of our blogs. 


6. Help yourself & help others

After you’ve learned what you can do in your own house, reach out to a neighbor, a friend, or a family member who may be feeling particularly isolated so that they, too, may find methods to save money on their energy costs this fall and potentially save in winter. The same can be said for local companies, farms, and schools, all of which would benefit from understanding more about their energy alternatives and about the different fall energy-saving tips out there.

We’re all in this together, and there are things that everyone can do to conserve energy, remain warm, and stay healthy.

Do you have more fall energy-saving tips? Are you willing to get lower energy bills? And to find free ways to save energy at home? Feel free to share your insights with us in the comment section. At Click2Power, we want to show you that electricity is a potent source that deserves our attention and respect—it goes from powering your gadgets to lighting your home. And now you can make a choice!

If you have any doubts, you can contact us. We will be delighted to answer all your questions. You can also follow us on our social media to keep posted on our latest tips to save energy and money!

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