In today’s world, every penny counts. So, we all come to the point where we must research options to help us reduce our utility bills, but what can we do to impact our environment positively? Let’s review 5 Energy Saver tips we should all keep in mind when trying to save on energy and reduce our utility bills.

With Energy Deregulation, we can compare electricity plans and rates from different power suppliers to lower our monthly bills and choose the best option for our family, finding the best energy deals. But going even further, we can change our habits, prepare our home to be efficient, seek professional advice and shop wisely when we require new appliances or upgrade our existing ones.

We understand how much information regarding power-saving tips you will find, and we made sure to gather the leading suggestions to be kept in mind when examining options to lower your power bill.

Energy saver tips:

1-. Seek professional advice

As a growing market, professional assistance in saving money on electricity is always available. You can perform a complete professional electricity audit of your home to identify how power is being wasted and correct it to be an energy saver.

Some tests can be run, including blower door tests checking for drafts and infrared lights, including your home features, habits, and improvements that you may require to improve your home’s overall performance to save energy.

Having a home audit performed by a professional can be a costly task to complete depending on the size of your home, where you live, or the amount of time required to complete the inspection (average time ranges from 1 to 5 hours), even though it is recommended if you want to cover every possible scenario and make sure that the audit is thorough.

While you save up some bucks to have a professional home electricity audit, you can perform a DYI inspection to help you find out how to save money on electricity by knowing what to keep in mind when inspecting your home.

2-. Monitor your devices

To save money on our electricity bill, we should reduce power waste and understand how our house is performing regarding electricity consumption. To accomplish that, you should monitor your devices to detect energy vampires and know how your devices and appliances are performing in regards to energy consumption; this is one of the main energy saver suggestions.

Energy Vampires is the name given to devices that continue to consume power even when turned off or not in use; it could be due to a standby mode, screens with clocks, or background features that continue to use power when we think they are off.

As an energy saver, you can use a home energy monitor that can be plugged into your electrical panel and connected to a phone app that details how the electricity is used in your home. These monitoring devices can be purchased online. Once installed, you can plug and unplug devices to see how the reports change with each, finding the appliances that utilize the most power.

You can also plug in a kilowatt meter to each device independently to measure the energy consumption to be an energy saver. We recommend you start by checking which devices seem warm since the power usage usually results in heat production, then continue with the next device.

Once you understand how your appliances are using electricity, you can plan which ones to unplug when not in use or use devices to schedule time frames for them to connect to the power and automatically make them available for use. The Energy Saver lifestyle means always checking different ways to save energy without affecting your life.

3-. Smart use of your appliances and systems

There are different ways to improve your appliances and systems at home for a more Energy Saver lifestyle, going from minor changes in how you use your technology to updating appliances and systems to energy-efficient ones. While you renew all those that require upgrades to efficient ones, you can still save on energy by using the devices and systems smartly and performing maintenance on the ones that need it.

As we mentioned above, identifying the “energy vampires” will help you know which devices should be disconnected when not in use. Besides that, you may use smaller devices for the same purpose, for example, using a laptop that can be unplugged when charged instead of using a desktop computer, also using a streaming device such as Roku or Firestick that spends 20 times less energy than using a game console for the same purpose.

-Upgrade your devices

We have also brought a lot of attention to new devices being built with power-efficient systems, such as the ones with the Energy Star rating that tell you they’ve been designed to use less electricity. Appliances now have “eco” settings representing a great energy saver strategy. You may need to use a different setting now and then but using this setting more often will help you save on energy expenses.

-Perform maintenance on systems

For energy saver purposes, performing routine maintenance of HVAC systems, washing machines, and dishwashers will help ensure that they are functioning at their best capability, helping you ensure that the system is not overworking or having to use more energy since it is not properly operating.

Just cleaning or replacing filters, unclogging pipes, cleaning dust, and oiling the gadgets will improve how they work, avoiding exhausting systems that must overwork. Compare electricity plans from power suppliers and ensure that your devices are in optimal condition to achieve the perfect combination and save money on utilities. An Energy saver attitude while maintaining your house is the best way to go.

4-. Home insulation to avoid air leakages

A home that is not insulated usually consumes more electricity since the heat escapes through air leakages in winter, and hot air comes in during summer, making your HVAC systems work harder. Having an insulated home combined with the best energy deals from your electricity supplier is the perfect combination to save on utility bills.

Houses that have not been insulated normally lose heat in winter through the roof, walls, windows, doors, draughts, and floors. As you can see in the graphic above, a significant investment may be required to insulate the home entirely. Still, there are also DIY affordable tips to insulate your home. This is a very important tip for An Energy Saver.

5-. Compare electricity plans

Having deregulated energy in your area allows you to have more control over your electricity bill, make sure to compare electricity plans to find the best deal available in your area, and to do so, make sure to have your electricity bill and zip code handy. We recommend checking for fixed rates with a long-term contract so that you can foresee the expenses associated with power use in your home and understand how to save money on electricity.

Finding the best electricity supplier requires a little research; you can start by checking these important tips before changing electricity suppliers. Make sure you take advantage of deregulated energy by finding the best energy deals.

Ready for A Power Saver Lifestyle

Having read this article, you are now more prepared to make the best choice to become a Power Saver, helping save the planet while saving some bucks on your bill. Have you tried any of these tips? Let us know how they went! And if you have other ideas, feel free to share them with us in the comments below.

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