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Our enrollment process to switch energy providers is straightforward. (Click on the following blocks to Learn More)

1. Grab a copy of your latest electricity bill

1. Grab a copy of your latest electricity bill

You will need this for some questions in the form. Place the correct information from your utility bill (ComEd, PECO, Ameren, PEPCO, etc.) to receive more accurate information.

2. Enter your Zip Code below and click Start

2. Enter your Zip Code below and click Start

When providing your Zip Code, we will know if our energy provider's plans cover your State, City, and zone.

3. Fill out the form & choose the perfect plan for you

3. Fill out the form & choose the perfect plan for you

We will ask you important questions to filter the energy provider's plans according to your needs and interests.

4. Get my offers now

4. Get my offers now

Regardless of your utility company (ComEd, PECO, Ameren, PEPCO, etc.), we will show you the perfect plans with all the necessary information to encourage you to start today.

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Why Deregulated Energy?

Deregulated Energy offers you the opportunity to choose from different electricity providers to control your monthly bills. Regardless of your utility company being ComEd, PECO, Ameren, PEPCO, etc... energy deregulation gives you the power to choose the supply portion of your power bill while your current utility company remains in charge of delivering your electricity.
By selecting the best plan from your electricity providers with us, you will enjoy a seamless switch, and you don’t have to worry about your supply being cut off. Enjoy a fixed rate, the plan features, and service terms that best suit your lifestyle while you get peace of mind knowing you won’t face any disruption in the process!

Switch to Deregulated Energy

Click2Power offers you energy providers with flexible plans for your home with competitive electric rates

Don’t wait until the next month to know if you’re going to pay more on your electricity bill because your utility changed its rates. You have the power to choose and know how much you want to pay for your power usage, regardless of your original utility company (ComEd, PECO, Ameren, PEPCO, etc.). With Click2Power, you can exercise your power to choose between different power suppliers a plan that suits your needs at a fixed rate. No more surprises, and get complete control of your monthly costs.

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Main Benefits of Switching Between Energy Providers with Click2Power

Fixed Rate Plan

The Residential Plans our providers have fixed rates. That way, you don't have to worry about new rates every month, getting the peace of mind and expenses control you're looking for.

Easy To Reach Out

Whenever you have doubts or need assistance, we provided exceptional customer service, ready to help you.

Rewards Just For You

We love giving benefits to our loyal customers. If you select any of our provider's plans through us, you will be able to enjoy many rewards. Discover them!

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With Click2Power you'll get

Best rates for your Home
Easy enrollment to save in your electric bill
The opportunity to Switch into green energy
Exceptional customer services

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Check out our latest Articles and shared Industry Segments about the benefits of Deregulated Energy:

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General Utilities

District of Columbia (DC)

Ameren, ComEd, First Energy, PECO, BGE, PEPCO, Delmarva, PSEG, etc.

Click2Power in the District of Columbia (DC)
District of Columbia Local Utilities: Pepco, Washington Gas Light Company.
District of Columbia Energy Choice History
In 2001, the D.C. legislation approved to allow retail electrical competition. Before 2001, a single company (Pepco) had a monopoly on electricity and natural gas, increasing rates at will due to factors such as extreme weather. Today’s competitive energy providers serve many households in the District of Columbia. The goal is for them to manage their electricity budgets and expenses by having transparent fixed-rate plans. Take advantage of the fact that you have the option of choosing!
A turning point in the reorganization of the electric system in the District of Columbia occurred in December of 1999. In Formal Case No. 945, the Commission gave its approval to a settlement agreement that did not need majority support. This deal permitted the Potomac Electric Power Company (also known as "Pepco") to sell (or "divest") its power plants and other assets that generate energy.
This law was enacted in 2001. The most significant effect that divestiture has had on residential customers is that, after rate caps were lifted, residential customers have witnessed a significant rise in the cost of generation, which has resulted in an increase in the total amount that they are required to pay for their electricity.
On the other hand, the Washington Gas Light Company ("WGL") submitted the first of several proposals to the Public Service Commission of the District of Columbia ("Commission") in 1995, asking for permission to change the way it conducts business in the District of Columbia. This was the first of several requests WGL would submit to the Commission. WGL intended to provide natural gas consumers of all classes with the ability to decide for themselves whether or not they wanted to acquire their gas from Washington Gas or another provider.
It was recommended in WGL's tariffs that the company "unbundle," or separate, the expenses of the many components that make up its service. This would allow consumers to know precisely how much they pay for each element (e.g., the cost of gas, pipeline costs, delivery costs, etc.) In the end, the Commission gave its approval to tariffs that authorized WGL to unbundle charges for non-residential customers, authorized large commercial customers to purchase gas from third-party suppliers and receive delivery service from WGL, and authorized a program for residential gas customers to buy gas from third party suppliers and receive delivery service from WGL. All of these changes were made possible thanks to the approval of the tariffs by the Commission. The Washington Gas Light Company (WGL) went from being a monopoly utility that offered completely packaged natural gas service to being a utility that offers chosen unbundled services in a market that is more competitive as a result of the unbundling tariffs that were implemented by WGL.
The result of this change for customers of The Washington Gas Light Company (WGL)’s natural gas is that they now have the option of choosing another firm than Washington Gas to provide them with natural gas. In addition, Washington Gas Light Company (WGL) will continue to provide gas to all customers, regardless of which company is responsible for selling the commodity.
Take advantage of the fact that you have the option of choosing your gas and electricity supplier!

Illinois (IL)

Click2Power in Illinois (IL)
Illinois Local Utilities: ComEd & Ameren
Illinois Energy Choice History
In 1997, Illinois began deregulating the electricity market after the “Illinois Electric Service Customer’s Choice and Rate Relief Act” was passed by legislators. Market opening and competition gave customers the power to choose the type of plan and energy they wanted from private electricity service companies. Before deregulation, two utility companies (ComEd and Ameren) offered electricity to the state, and rates could spontaneously increase rates due to extreme weather factors. Now you have the option to choose what works best for you, taking care of your wallet. Are you interested in green power? Learn about the best plans and rates for Illinois.
At the time, Illinois had some of the highest prices for electricity across the United States was a significant factor that contributed to the development of this legislation. Specially the existence of only two utility companies (ComEd & Ameren).
The next stage was for the state, along with many other states, to begin the process of deregulatory action. In 1999, legislators in Illinois made steps toward the beginning of the process of separating supply-related services from major utilities (ComEd & Ameren). By the year 2002, businesses located inside the state were given the freedom to choose which energy source served them. The state drastically decreased the prices for residential and commercial users for electricity, and locked them in place for a period of ten years, so that they could assist smaller enterprises as well as household consumers who did not yet have access to energy deregulation.
This, however, did not help to induce power suppliers to join the market in order to assist in servicing household and small business customers. Even while major enterprises were taking use of new energy suppliers, those suppliers did not believe they could compete with the market since the prices that were being charged to other customers were so low. The Retail Competition Act was eventually approved by the state legislature, which helped to better establish energy regulation for residential and small business users. Regardless of the utility company (ComEd & Ameren) you can choose your energy provider in Illinois!

Maryland (MD)

Click2Power in Maryland (MD)
In 1999, the Maryland Public Utilities Commission finally approved allowing individuals to choose between businesses other than local utilities when purchasing natural gas and power supplies. As a result, Maryland became a state with energy deregulation. Since then, thousands of commercial, industrial and residential customers have chosen to purchase energy and natural gas from suppliers rather than utility companies. Energy deregulation allows consumers to choose from various energy supply options from an energy service company (ESCO).
On deregulated states, people do not have to use utilities (Allegheny Energy (First Energy), Baltimore Gas & Electric, Delmarva & Pepco) as the only option for energy supply. Deregulation opened up the market and intensified competition among energy providers. It also provides education to people, emphasizing their rights and how to take advantage of this freedom of choice. So now we can see new energy innovations, products, and services that customers can choose from.
If you live on the state of MD, and you’re looking for better energy prices in PEPCO, Baltimore Gas & Electric (BGE), Allegheny Power, you can find the best energy rates by calling us.

New Jersey (NJ)

Click2Power in New Jersey (NJ)
New Jersey Local Utilities: Atlantic City Electric, Elizabethtown Gas, Jersey Gas Company, Jersey Central Power & Light, New Jersey Gas, Public Service Electric and Gas Co (PSEG) and South Jersey Gas Company.
New Jersey Energy Choice History
In New Jersey, energy deregulation began in 1999. They spend time evaluating the performance of states that have chosen to deregulate public services to replicate effective methods and improve those that are not effective in their states.
At that time, only a few states began to relax control of energy companies, Gas & Electricity, such as Atlantic City Electric, Elizabethtown Gas, Jersey Gas Company, Jersey Central Power & Light, New Jersey Gas, Public Service Electric and Gas Co (PSEG) and South Jersey Gas Company.
When New Jersey made massive power purchases more valuable, they enhanced it to benefit consumers and businesses. They also allow everyone to get competitive energy prices upfront. Other states choose to introduce new prices gradually.
Now, New Jerseyans can better choose natural gas and electricity providers and get competitive prices from various companies to save money. In addition, an open market that allows them to see different suppliers is helpful for commercial or industrial customers.
Find the best energy rates (gas or electricity) for Atlantic City Electric, Elizabethtown Gas, Jersey Gas Company, Jersey Central Power & Light, New Jersey Gas, Public Service Electric and Gas Co (PSEG) and South Jersey Gas Company.

Pennsylvania (PA)

Click2Power in Pennsylvania (PA)
Pennsylvania Local Utilities: PECO, MetEd
Pennsylvania Energy Choice History
Consumers who wish to pick the State Selection and Electrical Competence statute and choose a new energy supplier different from its usefulness were given retail access in Pennsylvania in 1997. For the majority of state citizens, this may seem like a straightforward right, but just a few of the states in the union have fully deregulated public service markets or somewhat competitive ones.
They make their services challenging in highly competitive contexts and sell their service assets to new rivals in the wholesale market. However, Pennsylvania Public Services Company (PECO) and MetEd offered a rate throughout the transition that remained competitive when the competition entered the market for a number of years in order to assist clients safeguard against unforeseen price swings.
These rates have increased recently due to profitability, and their match has done well. PPL proceeded to Peco and other profits, launching a small Peco and other public service company and demonstrating considerable prospects for Pennsylvania electric customers to decrease power.
Electrical deregulation in Pennsylvania enables utility customers to choose the power provider they wish to employ in place of the utility to produce electricity. All Pennsylvania clients who are a part of the supply of the open invoice for comparison shopping will remain with the utility they already use. If you’re with PECO or MetEd, you can get better energy rates by contacting us.